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Word of the week : Uberization

Now, every week, My Sherpa chooses a word to highlight, because it’s “trendy”. Because there needs to be an explanation, and, above all, because it echoes our values and principles.

Today, focus on 

« Uberization ».

Uberization owes its name to the company Uber, which develops mobile applications for the transport of people in VTC. By extension, the economic phenomenon of disintermediation, digitization and administrative facilitation that has developed around start-ups in recent years is called uberization. A phenomenon of rupture and “disruption”, uberization is illustrated in the hotel sectors: AirBnb or Booking for example, but also in passenger transport: Uber, Blablacar, Drivy, etc.

Uberization is based on the use of a digital platform, almost immediate exchanges between the customer and the service provider, the pooling of resources and the limitation of infrastructure and administrative procedures.

The executive is not done wrestling with the issue of uberization. The idea was to propose solutions to the problem of “uberization”, and find a compromise on the status of platform workers. The Frouin mission, which has just produced the report of the same name, advances many avenues, but does not satisfy many people.volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border


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