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Word of the week : Transition

From now on, every week, My Sherpa chooses a word to put forward, because it’s “in fashion”. Because it must be explained, and, above all, because it is echoed in our values and principles.


Today, focus on 

« Transition ».

It refers to “a process of transformation in which a system moves from one system of equilibrium to another”.
The transition is therefore not a simple adjustment but a fundamental and total reconfiguration of the functioning and the organization of the system. Like the demographic transition, for example.
This transformation affects the technological, economic, ecological, socio-cultural and institutional sectors at the same time. And changes in these sectors are mutually reinforcing.
The transition is therefore characterized by a gradual and profound change in models of society over the long term. It is a process that cannot be fully mastered since it is part of a complex system that escapes planning.


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