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Word of the week : work from home

Now, every week, My Sherpa chooses a word to highlight, because it’s “trendy”. Because there needs to be an explanation, and, above all, because it echoes our values and principles.
Work from home

Today, focus on 

« Work from home ».

Teleworking is a professional activity carried out in whole or in part remotely from the place where the result of the work is expected.
He is opposed to work on site, that is, work carried out on the premises of his employer. Teleworking can be done from home or in a third place (coworking space, etc.).

The pandemic, the health crisis, confinement, then a return to school where 100% “face-to-face” was no longer possible. In a few months, teleworking has established itself in the daily life of companies, particularly in France. A change fostered by the digital transformation of a good number of organizations. But the fact is that, at the end of 2020, despite the experience accumulated in particular in the spring, many still remain in the middle of the ford. The challenge now is to move beyond the stage where teleworking is the obvious answer to the emergencies of the moment, in order to make it the new standard, to better manage projects and talents in the future.


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