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Word of the week : Neo-rural

From now on, every week, My Sherpa chooses a word to put forward, because it’s “in fashion”. Because it must be explained, and, above all, because it is echoed in our values and principles.


Today, focus on 

« Neo-rural ».

The neorurals designate the new inhabitants of rural communes, originating from urban communes, settling in a space where they have no family ties.

“” Neo-rurals “most often refers to populations, mostly young, graduates, of urban origin who, between the end of the 1960s and the 1970s, settled in rural areas, in particular in the southern half of France (among the invested territories, the Provençal hinterland, the Cévennes, the Plateau de Millevaches). Their installation, sometimes in a community, is marked by a desire to experiment with new social forms and a utopian spirit. She is also part of the protest movement of the period. “(Tommasi, 2018).

The term can also refer to the new inhabitants who contributed to the demographic turnaround observed in the countryside of developed countries after the end of several decades of rural exodus around 1975, when the phenomenon of neorurals was statistically insignificant (ibid .). Since the years 1980-1990, the terms of Neo-rural and new inhabitants designate, in the rural space, the populations originating in the city and seeking in the countryside a living environment corresponding to their aspirations.


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