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Word of the week : “Jugaad innovation”

Now, every week, My Sherpa chooses a word to highlight, because it’s “trendy”. Because there needs to be an explanation, and, above all, because it echoes our values and principles.
Jugaad innovation

Today, focus on 

« Jugaad innovation ».

Frugal innovation is about doing better and more with less. It starts from the principle that any problem can be solved with the means available at the local level.

“Frugal innovation is the art of doing better with less” explains Navi Radjou, expert in frugal innovation. “Its first principle is to make use of existing resources rather than seeking new ones.

The concept is attracting more and more companies because it offers the possibility of taking new directions in terms of production and organization. It enables employees to engage around a strong vision based on their social and ecological awareness and the desire to build something ethical, sustainable and useful.


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