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Word of the week: Independent consultant

Now, every week, My Sherpa chooses a word to highlight, because it’s “trendy”. Because there needs to be an explanation, and, above all, because it echoes our values and principles.
Independent consultant

Today, focus on 

« Independent consultant ».

The independent consultant works in companies as an expert in a given field. It’s an intellectual service provider. According to his specialty and his level of experience, he analyzes the problems of the company and proposes solutions. He then applies the recommended strategy and monitors the tools and solutions put in place. He is someone who works at the mission.

The profession of independent consultant is changing rapidly. Traditionally called upon to resolve a very precise question with a well-defined scope, consultants, independent or not, are today responsible for integrating new solutions, taking into account related fields as well as the company’s expectations in terms of performance.


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