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Word of the week : Diversity

From now on, every week, My Sherpa chooses a word to put forward, because it’s “in fashion”. Because it must be explained, and, above all, because it is echoed in our values and principles.


Today, focus on 

« Diversity ».

Diversity in companies

We often hear about diversity in business. Everyone agrees on its importance and we even have diversity managers. But what does it represent exactly ?

We began to talk about diversity in the workforce of businesses following the riots in the suburbs in 2005 : favoring it would reduce discrimination based on ethnic origin. However, the definition quickly widened in the media to include gender equality. Even though professional equality is already a legal concept.

Today, if diversity is still not defined by the legislator, we can consider that it is a tool to prevent discrimination.In 2004, Claude Bébéar and Yazid Sabeg launched the “Diversity Charter” signed to date by 3,500 companies. An initiative to help identify the structures involved in the subject.


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