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Word of the week : Authenticity

Now, every week, My Sherpa chooses a word to highlight, because it’s “trendy”. Because there needs to be an explanation, and, above all, because it echoes our values and principles.

Today, focus on 

« Authenticity ».

Never has the search for meaning at work so interested and touched all generations in these times of crisis. The guilty ? The current health crisis, the lack of meaning at work. Indeed, today jobs are more and more technical and innovative, and the employee sometimes has the feeling of being a means of production, and no longer a person. And this is how bitterness, bitterness and above all boredom develop. You quickly feel useless. The search for meaning has therefore become symptomatic of a new relationship to work. Work has the meaning that everyone wants to give it.

Rather than seeking to determine meaning at work in general, we must work to create with collaborators the conditions that allow everyone to find Meaning in the work they do. The need for authenticity is unique to each organization. It is about transforming the model of the structure so that it can create a pact of trust around the leader who embodies authenticity, truth, a strong value, of trust and federating for all employees. For the job to be meaningful, it must provide satisfaction to the person doing it, match their interests, use their skills, stimulate the development of their potential and enable them to achieve their goals.


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