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Number of the week: 1,426 euros

This number is each week specially selected for you by My Sherpa Team. It reflects current events around the favorite themes of My Sherpa. Such as societal changes, Future Of Work, innovation, collective and collaborative intelligence, …


Almost half of disabled people have a standard of living below 1,426 euros per month, almost 300 euros less than the median standard of living of able-bodied people. 18% of adults with disabilities live below the poverty line.

Half of disabled people aged 15 to 59 have a monthly standard of living of less than € 1,426 according to 2017 data published by the Ministry of Solidarity. This median standard of living is 281 euros per month lower than that of all people of the same age (1,707 euros).

Nearly 18% of people with disabilities are poor, according to 2016 data from the Ministry of Solidarity, against 12% of non-disabled people of the same age (15 years and over). People with disabilities are therefore 1.5 times more likely to experience poverty than non-disabled people. It is often forgotten that 800,000 people with disabilities are poor or that 12% of poor people are disabled. But beware: these data do not take into account people with disabilities living in institutions, hospitals or retirement homes, which minimizes these figures.


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