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Number of the week : 21%

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The health crisis has reinforced the precariousness of many people. According to an official at a Restos du cœur center, a new type of population comes to get supplies: young employees who have lost their jobs.

Activity increased by “21% compared to the previous season, despite a week of closure in March to meet the standards of the coronavirus pandemic …”.

The increase in precariousness visible in the statistics, the volunteers of Restos du cœur are confronted with it every day. While the association is launching its 36th winter campaign on Tuesday, some centers are showing an alarming increase in the number of beneficiaries. Thus, in Seine-Saint-Denis, it is 45%, a record in France. In Paris or in certain centers of Seine-et-Marne, it reaches 30%.

Thus, according to figures provided by the association, those under 25 already represent nearly half of the beneficiaries and minors 40%. Among beneficiaries over 16 years of age, 36% are looking for a job, 12% are receiving a pension, 6% have a job and 6% are students.


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