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Number of the week: 1822%

This number is each week specially selected for you by My Sherpa Team. It reflects current events around the favorite themes of My Sherpa. Such as societal changes, Future Of Work, innovation, collective and collaborative intelligence, …


The boom in freelance platforms: + 1,822% in 10 years!

Building a network and acquiring your first customers is a daily job that usually pays off in the long term. It is for this reason that more and more freelancers, juggle between salaried positions and their other professional activities and more and more choose to devote themselves full time to freelancing.

Solutions exist such as platforms offering independent missions. They are the missing link between freelancers and the needs of today’s businesses. 60% of self-employed workers are thus registered on platforms.

What are the main reasons?

  • Access new exclusive missions
  • Earn money faster
  • Build up your network and develop your experience

Being a freelancer is no longer seen as a default choice, but as a real aspiration. The flexibility of working hours, the choice of assignments and the development of one’s skills on a daily basis are some of the many advantages put forward when working as a freelance.


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