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Number of the week : 41%

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41% of French people say they have been the victims of discriminatory comments or behavior.

The word is released on harassment, on discriminatory remarks in the world of work. The International Labor Organization has carried out a study of the private and public sectors, a study carried out between February and May 2020. 41% of those polled claim to have already been the victim of discriminatory words or behavior. 23% say they have experienced this harassment or discrimination.

41% of working people in France say they have been the victim at least once of discriminatory remarks or behavior: racism, sexism, homophobia, disability, religion, or related to their state of health, in the course of their work.

From words to consequences: 23% of people say they have suffered discrimination or discriminatory harassment in their professional career. These discriminations relate to physical appearance (40% of cases mentioned), sex (40%) and state of health (30%).


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