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Number of the week : 12 millions

This number is each week specially selected for you by My Sherpa Team. It reflects current events around the favorite themes of My Sherpa. Such as societal changes, Future Of Work, innovation, collective and collaborative intelligence, …


According to APF France Handicap, 12 million people, or 1 in 6 people in our country, suffer from a disability. Between nervousness, distress and loneliness, these people who already suffer exclusion on a daily basis, fear this second confinement.


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  1. On the list of the highest number of Everest ascents, Kami Rita Sherpa is trailed by three climbers who all have 21 successful ascents each. Two of them have retired from mountaineering, while the third, 39-year old Ngima Nuru Sherpa, is attempting his d summit from the Chinese side of the mountain this season.

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