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My Sherpa, a private learning community. It offers bespoke and billable advice by the hour to help you realize your projects. We adapt the solution to your problem and not the opposite. My Sherpa currently has a staff of over a hundred experts listed on different continents.

My Sherpa is much more than a simple intermediation platform : it is the trusted partner of the business-expert relationship.

My Sherpa was especially designed to simplify the connection between innovative projects and highly qualified independent experts. We have thus simplified the professional matching thanks to our very selective sourcing methods associated with the human. It is very simple !

To facilitate access to My Sherpa, we invite you to create your account and describe your background, your skills and your expertise, you are part of the platform My Sherpa in just a few clicks.

Are you a company ?

  • After contracting
  • An invitation is sent to you
  • Your subscription is made online
  • You choose the groups to which you wish to contribute and you can collaborate, exchange, share …

Are you an expert ?

  • An invitation is sent to you
  • Your subscription is made online
  • The expert fulfills his online subscription, registers on the platform and selects the groups to which he wants to contribute
  • You complete your profile
  • You choose the groups to which you wish to contribute and you can collaborate, exchange, share …


Access to the My Sherpa platform is in the form of a subscription. We have thus declined several formulas of subscriptions which adapt to all your specific and rare needs.

Flexibility, speed, agility, security, confidentiality and quality !


To the customer

  • Sharing ideas, visions and operational experiences as part of a global dimension
  • See what is done elsewhere in the same or different business areas to avoid pitfalls, calibrate and compare best practices
  • Soliciting consulting expertise to meet your specific needs, at your own pace and according to your choice
  • Solicit Experts on time
  • For greater flexibility regarding the purchasing process
  • Benefit from consulting expertise on 5 continents
  • The assurance of addressing high-level experts, labeled
  • Access the best profiles of highly qualified experts chosen through our highly selective sourcing methods, to answer all your problems.
  • Centralize and store your exchanges, invoices, documents, expenses tracking and your missions in progress … Safely for a more fluid management.
  • Benefit from your subscriptions by sharing your unique experience and co-opting your contacts – you are our best ambassadors! Sponsor, you win!
  • Our qualified ecosystem of excellence of more than 200 experts and 50 companies respond to each of your very specific needs.


For the Expert

  • Sharing ideas, visions and operational experiences as part of a global dimension
  • Accompany customers to avoid pitfalls, evaluate risks, save time and offer contextualized solutions to customers from operational feedback
  • Discover know-how, new practices, compare points of view, acquire new skills, ….
  • Advice on time and innovative projects
  • Simplified commercial pipe management
  • Increased referencing
  • An assurance of being recognized as an expert at its right price
  • A low-cost survey
  • Centralize and store your exchanges, invoices, documents, expenses tracking and your missions in progress … Safely for a more fluid management
  • Access the same benefits as employees ! Mutual and insurance to move forward with confidence. And tomorrow ? A retirement cover, foresight … Relax, we take care of everything.
  • Optimize your time, facilitate your daily life and simplify the organization of your days with our proposals for coworking, legal advice, personalized support … Find the taste of independence !
  • Benefit from your subscriptions by sharing your unique experience and co-opting your contacts – you are our best ambassadors ! Sponsor, you win !
  • Participate in exclusive trainings on various topics : coaching, personal development, training, mentoring … The knowledge of oneself and others is the only way to free oneself, to grow and to innovate.


Our support automates your processes to create a seamless, innovative and collaborative experience.

Would you like more information ?

You can contact us via the contact form
or by email at contact@mysherpa.io


Access to the platform is in the form of a subscription.

We have chosen not to take commissions on the transactions you make on the platform. We have developed several subscription formulas that adapt to all your needs.

The validation of your quotes and invoices is done online on the platform and are registered on it. Payments are provisioned by our customers. As a result, you receive the payment of your invoices as soon as it is validated by your customer.

Each single or collaborative assignment can be posted and highlighted on your news feed or within your groups of the same interest on My Sherpa.

You can search by type, by sector of activity on the platform but also search for specific companies. The experts who participated in the projects are tagged on the various missions and the tag brings back to their My Sherpa profile!

Customers evaluate the experts after their mission according to 3 axes : quality, respect of deadlines and needs, and the average obtained makes it possible to improve the referencing of the expert on the platform.

What we want is to bring you missions in line with your skills and expertise. For this, we have developed a matching algorithm able to take into account the singularities, skills and expertise of each.

In concrete terms, all you have to do is fill in as precisely as possible your profile, which will allow us to understand you and put you in touch with the customers who will be compatible!

Be yourself, you have everything to gain !

The intelligent dashboard we have put in place allows experts to access all of their actions on the My Sherpa platform. It includes among others :

  • Invoices
  • The missions
  • Customers
  • The schedule of my Expressions of Needs
  • The social media with statistics on profile views, contributions …
  • The E safe (wallet, subscriptions, quotes …)

To meet and interact with customers, it is essential to create an account !

This is a subscription account, which allows us to know you. With this information, we will be able to offer you the missions that match your expertise !


1.      Sign-up 

Fill out and personalize your profile with your expertise, skills and achievements, as well as your aspirations to enable us to identify your area of excellence and target the missions to consult you. My Sherpa is here to help and advise you.

2.      Receive your missions

Receive qualified mission proposals from customers through our matching algorithm, which you can easily answer with our Need Expression tool. My Sherpa takes care of all the administration!

3.      Collaborate and deliver

Use the Collaborative Space to share ideas, achievements, articles and collaborate with peers to keep the client informed of project progress with ease. My Sherpa simplifies your life!

4.      Bill you are paid

Realize the mission with confidence. Quotation, contract and invoice: after validation of the customer and the sending of your invoice you are paid automatically. Simple and secure, My Sherpa makes your daily life easier.

All missions are provisioned. Thus, you will be paid upon validation of the rendering by the customer.

Being an independent expert is not always easy, and most of you complain that you can not work collaboratively.

My Sherpa is the first platform that allows you to easily collaborate and integrate work teams !

Plus : an integrated management tool that allows you to exchange and track the progress of your missions with easy !

My Sherpa offers an innovative evaluation system. Part of the assessment will be visible on the profile of the experts. These are evaluations directly related to the mission (eg response time, project deadline respected, quality of work, etc.). But that’s not all. Our goal is to coach experts and companies so that their collaboration is effective, and that everyone feels they are growing from each experience. 

SKbis status – Siret / siren and identity card of the officer

As part of the CSSF Regulation No. 12-02 of 14 December 2012 on the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, it is the responsibility of each financial and banking institution to know the beneficial owners of the companies receiving funds.

Thus we must provide a copy of your statutes to our financial partner.


What if I do not have these documents yet? You can register on My Sherpa while waiting to receive your status information. However, you will not be able to make quotes and invoices yet.


Give your status does not run any risk since they are accessible by anyone who wants to buy them online (for example on societe.com)


To invoice in freelance, and in accordance with the law of vigilance which fights undeclared work, you must imperatively have a legal professional statute (that of auto-entrepreneur for example, or any other statute which allows you to exercise your activity in independent). To obtain the status of your auto-entreprise, register on the site www.lautoentrepreneur.fr. Your SIRET / SIREN number will be issued in one month. To be paid during this waiting period, simply mention “in the course of registration” on your documents. As soon as you have your status your mission can be completed and you will receive your funds.


CNI of the officer and attestation of vigilance

The attestation of vigilance mentions:

  • the identification of the company (name and address of the registered office, as well as the list of institutions concerned with their Siret number)
  • that the provider is up to date regarding the payment of his social security contributions.

For the liberal professions, EI, EURL, SASU you have 2 possibilities:


  1. The URSSAF certificate, called attestation of vigilance, is obtained in one click on their site :  
  • Login with his login
  • Click on Exchanges with my URSSAF
  • Click on My certificates
  • In the drop-down menu « Request a certificate », select the required attestation (Procurement attestation, Attestation of vigilance, Attestation of contribution to vocational training, Attestation CSG / CRDS)
  • Click on Validate

2) The certificate of vigilance RSI, is obtained on the site https://www.mon.rsi.fr/

  • Login with his login
  • Go to the service: My contributions


For the following status of Auto-entrepreneur (or micro enterprise)

The attestation of vigilance, is obtained on the site http://www.lautoentrepreneur.fr/

  • Click on “Declare and pay online” (be careful to register to declare and pay if it is not done yet)
  • Enter your information in the form on the right to access net-entreprises.fr
  • Select “Access statement” on auto-company
  • Then in the menu on the left select “Exchange with my URSSAF”> > “My certificates”> > “Vigilance”

During the first year of exercise, it is sometimes difficult to obtain the attestation of vigilance.

In this case, you will have to write a certificate on your honor.

Would you like more information ?

You can contact us via the contact form
or by email at contact@mysherpa.io


Either by searching via groups or by selecting an expert from the list of existing members.

By viewing his profile and sending him a message directly on the platform.

After joining the My Sherpa platform, you will be able to identify and contact the expert of your choice.

Be specific in describing in more detail your problem in order to allow experts to provide appropriate help.

The expert has 72 hours upon receipt of your request to respond.

The dedicated My Sherpa teams guarantee the smooth running and the respect of deadlines.

You will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of the Expert’s support of your question.

An answer will be answered within 72 hours. Once the answer is communicated and read by you, a qualitative assessment is requested online.

My Sherpa is a digital consulting service offer, based on an annual subscription entitling the community of experts to share information and access to expressions of need advice based on estimates.

Finding the talent that exactly matches your needs has never been easier with the platform:

My Sherpa offers you innovative ways to recruit your experts:

The matching algorithm: Create a new demand for needs, describe the profiles sought via a simplified form able to take into account the skills, experiences and expertise as well as the professional know-how of each … And get an expert or even a multidisciplinary team that perfectly meets your expectations.


Go off the beaten track :

Are you a specialist in recruiting independent experts and have you developed your own methodology to find new talent ? Discover all the members registered on My Sherpa, thanks to our search bar in natural and dynamic language.

Do you want innovators who are not afraid ? You just have to click !

To meet and discuss with experts, it is essential to create an account!

This is a subscription account, which allows us to know your company and the project manager(s) in charge of “recruitment”.

With this information, we will be able to offer you the experts that meet your needs!

  1. Sign-up
    You have an innovative project ? Disruptive missions?  My Sherpa assists you in creating your account.
    We make your life easier !
  2. Find your expert
    Do you have problems sourcing ? Trouble finding talent ?
    Find the expert Who will answer your  problems thanks to a matching system.
  3. Access exclusive content
    Access tips, feedback and articles published by experts  your newsfeed, fablab, idealab … privately and securely !
  4. Bill on time
    Brief, quote, contract, billing, mission tracking and payment directly on the platform!  Contact several experts and find the one that fits your needs.
    Simple and secure processes to simplify everyday life !
  5. Evaluate and note
    Your opinion interests us !
    Rate and rate your experts once the mission is completed.
    The assurance of continuous quality, your opinion counts !

It’s very important to rigorously complete your company profile for several reasons.

First of all, describing your company allows the experts to better understand their missions, thus giving them the desire to invest more and respond to you as quickly as possible.

Moreover, this information is essential for the proper functioning of our matching algorithm. If you only partially complete your profile, it would be inefficient to help you find the best expert. Remember to fill in the legal and tax information so that the quotes and invoices received are correct and that you can express your needs near the experts of your choice.

Once the mission is launched with the expert or experts of your choice, it is possible to invite employees from your company to join the project to work closely on the platform. You can also record your different missions and teams in order to find them in future similar missions.

You also have a smart dashboard that gives you access to your profile, all your projects in progress and archived, your administrative (management of your account, your wallet, invoice, current and archived estimates and evaluation experts …) … and many other things.

The idea of My Sherpa is to be much more than just a platform for intermediation: it is to be the trusted partner of the relationship that the company and the expert will have.

We provide a management tool that allows you not only to track your missions, but also to create mixed teams (independent experts, collaborators), establish a schedule for each project, and exchange and save your files.

Our goal: facilitate your sourcing, project tracking, administrative and secure your payments and deliverables.

My Sherpa with freelance experts has never been so simple and flexible!

You can request quotes from several experts, contact them and exchange with them.

Once you have determined the mission and the different steps to render, you just have to validate the quote.

Thanks to My Sherpa, the management of your external resources is simplified. Discover a new sourcing channel.

Payments are secure, and your projects can be archived.

It is very easy to find the experts you worked with and to reissue the invoices.


You only have one provider to register :

We have signed a mandate with our experts to issue invoices on their behalf. Thus, you can register a single provider with your purchasing department, and benefit from thousands of independent experts !


Experts validated by My Sherpa and its community of excellence :

Each independent is noted by his client at the end of the mission. The best rated will be the best referenced. The My Sherpa team dedicated to experts will also take care to rigorously verify the authenticity of the profiles, skills and expertise of the registered experts. 


To call on experts in a very flexible way :

My Sherpa offers you a new business model with unit of work per hour. Which will give you more flexibility.

We allow you to find in just a few clicks, specific skills and expertise to meet all your needs ! Do not cling to a particular expert, we have hundreds of experts ready to work with you and who can bring you the added value that will make the difference ! 

You can also view a video presenting the expert, available directly on their profile, exchange with them via secure messaging.

Nevertheless we offer you the possibility to evaluate the services of our experts.

So they will be rated by the customers after each mission.


My Sherpa is above all a unique experience. We accompany you every day in the construction of your project. What’s going on ?

It’s simple, we can :

  • Help you in the pre-selection of profiles, by checking that the experts are in good standing and providing you with many tools to select the ideal talent for your needs.
  • Access the best profiles: thanks to our selective sourcing methods, our recruitment channels are perfectly optimized and the targeting of the profiles you are looking for is sharpened to allow you to access the best experts on the market.
  • Have all the information you need to analyze the profiles that interest you thanks to our precise screening of the skills, diplomas, certifications, expertise, professional experiences and professional projects of each of the experts thanks to our multiple integrations. We were going technological and human to qualify our experts.
  • Help you build a solid brief for your expert (a good brief = a good deliverable)
  • Provide you with a reliable tool for evaluating different profiles. You can see the rating and comments given by other companies, as well as the ratings of the skills of your future employees!

My Sherpa offers an innovative evaluation system. Part of the evaluation will be visible on the profile of the experts, so that the best of each category are the best referenced on the platform.

But that’s not all. Our goal is to help experts and businesses work better together, and to feel better about each new experience.

The smart dashboard we have put in place allows customers to access all of their actions on the My Sherpa platform. It includes among others :

  • Expenses of the company of which I am the manager
  • Proposed projects
  • My employees
  • My Digital Safe
  • The social media of the company of which I am the manager
  • My experts
  • My subscriptions
  • My packages
  • My contracts
  • The planning of my projects

Would you like more information ?

You can contact us via the contact form
or by email at contact@mysherpa.io


Do you have any questions ?
We are at your service

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions about our services or for a demonstration of the platform. Our team is at your disposal.