My Sherpa is an ecosystem linking the needs of businesses and the know-how of experts (Sherpas) around the world. A trusted third part, the platform promotes interaction and collective intelligence with ambition of changing the way advice is obtained and marketed through it’s original and disruptive model.

At the origin of the project,
an identified need

In 2014, the digital transformation and innovation consulting firm InnoPrag, created by Kader Kébaïli and Siva Nadaradjane received an urgent request from a client who wanted to obtain the costs of hosting and operating clean rooms in Southeast Asia. Relying on it’s ecosystem, the firm then calls for qualified experts who can provide a response as soon as possible.
A few days later, the satisfied client then expresses a wish that will resonate with Kader and Siva : “It would be really practical to be able to call on experts on demand to meet their needs.

This request, coupled with reading Clayton M. Christensen’s article « Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption », gave birth to the My Sherpa project. The platform was developed over 2 years with the aim of promoting collaborative uses that allow companies to connect with operational experts.

The work provided by the teams thus gave birth to My Sherpa, the first international on-demand consulting platform billable by the hour, the third version of which will be launched in September 2020.


My Sherpa,
Ecosystem co-creation of value

My Sherpa aims to help companies gain added value in their thinking and transformation through our community of hyper experts.

With My Sherpa, leaders and operational actors exchange as they wish and learn to think both global and local. Functional and operational confront their vision of a problem to be solved or of a planned change. Together, they will combine strategic visions and operational experiences to produce an action plan. The Community of Experts is open to all clients invited to the company’s 360° areas of expertise.

My Sherpa ecosystem strives to bring together different actors within the same space and to make them interact with each other ; here it’s about the skills of some being put at the service of the needs of others. With each new community created, it’s the synergy of talents and collective intelligence that make the difference and allow a problem to be resolved. The company’s thinking and decision-making circuits are thus reduced and optimized.

Emphasizing collaboration by focusing on inter-business exchange and knowledge sharing, My Sherpa provides elements to create the conditions for a relationship of trust, transparency and quality.

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